Bloody Jack Flint (rhye) wrote in sortedchallenge,
Bloody Jack Flint

Member Cuts

There are 370 people watching this community who are not members. If you are not a member, you cannot see or participate in the icon contest. You need to apply to be sorted at platform_934 first, and once you have a house, you can come play! If you already have a house, you may have been removed from hogwartsishome due to inactivity. Contact your house's prefects to rejoin the community (then come back here and participate so you don't get cut again!)

If you are a member of your house's common room and of hogwartsishome and believe you should also be a member here, apply to join and you will be promptly added!

If you are a member, have you submitted to Challenge 6 yet? Well why not?
Tags: !mod post, - reminder, term 24
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