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Sorted Challenge
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Welcome to SORTEDCHALLENGE, a subsidiary of HOGWARTS IS HOME.

NOTICE! The Sorted Challenge community is now closed. All future Sorted activities can be found at the Sorted club at hh_clubs.

For any other questions regarding Sorted Challenge, please contact the current Sorted club leader or any of the head mod team at hih.officials@gmail.com.


All posts are only accessible to approved members. Members may participate here to earn points and knuts for their House and themselves.

If you are a member of hogwartsishome, you will be accepted immediately to the community. If you're not a member already, head on over to platform_934 to get sorted and come join in our fun challenges!
community rules
01. When the challenges are posted, you must stay within the limits/dimensions that are given. If you do not, your entry will not be accepted.
02. There will be a different challenge each week. It can be for icons, headers, banners -- any graphic medium.
03. Challenges will usually last a week. They will be extended to two weeks if not enough entries are submitted.
04. When submitting an entry, you must include the image(s), the URL, and your sorted HiH House. If you do not supply us with your House, you won't receive points.
05. You must be officially sorted in hogwartsishome in order to join this community or participate.
06. You get 5 points and 2 knuts for each icon you enter. If you enter two icons, you get 5 knuts. (Keep in mind that you need to be registered a vault at Diagon on The System (in order to receive your knuts.)
07. Each member may only place once per contest.
08. Homeofthenutty is a good image resource.
09. Fanart is allowed with credit and permission.

voting rules
01. You cannot vote for yourself. If you do, you will lose house points, in addition to not earning the points for entering, and your entries will be disqualified.
02. You should vote based on the quality of the graphic as well as how well it fits the given theme.
03. Only vote once in each poll, or however else directed.
04. You get 2 points for your house when you vote in a challenge.

general timeline
Wednesday Nights: New challenge posted and submission of entries. Lasts for 1 week.
Wednesday Nights: Voting is open for 1 week.
Wednesday Night or Thursday morning: Winners announced.

points distribution
1st Place - 50 pts / 20 knuts
2nd Place - 40 pts / 15 knuts
3rd Place - 30 pts / 10 knuts
Mod's Choice - 20 pts / 5 knuts
Participation (without placing, per entry) - 10 pts / 5 knuts

[x] This community is a subsidiary of hogwartsishome. Join at platform_934.

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